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Ye Olde Game Weekend (YOGWe) - November 26-28, 2010

Ye Olde Commons celebrates what used to be known as National Game Week with a full weekend of gaming.  Organized by Ye Olde Gaming Society, this game convention - YOGWe (Ye Olde Gaming Weekend) will feature games of all genres from early in the morning late into the night.

Come play for a few hours or all day. Come one day or all weekend. If you want to stay overnight, bunk sleeping in cabins is available for $15/night or $75/night for the entire cabin. 

Registration is only $10 for the weekend, or $5 for a day.  GM's get a $5 credit towards registration for each 4 hour shift.

For game scheduling we will take an approach somewhere between the WBC and Unity Games: We will schedule games and tournaments, and anyone who is there at the time may participate. It will depend on the availability of copies of the scheduled games, so please bring your own copy along.  Additionally, we encourage pick up games, with no space restriction for open gaming.

Scheduled and open games could include (And all games will be taught!):

Rail Games- 18xx variants (including many unique small press editions), Empire Builder variants, Rail Baron, Railroad Tycoon and other Age of Steam variants, Ticket to Ride variants, Sante Fe Rails, Union Pacific, Underground

Euro Games: Agricola, Pandemic, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico - not to be confused with Mexico vacations, since this game requires you to take hold of the Puerto Rican shipping goods and settle in Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Caylus, Thurn and Taxis, Princes of Florence, Entdecker, Tikal, St Petersburg, Carcassone, Thebes, Medici, Pirate’s Cove, Guatemala Café,  etc.

Strategy Games – Age of Renaissance, Manifest Destiny, History of the World, Liberte, Twilight Imperium, Advanced Civilization, Die Macher, etc.

Party Games – Apples to Apples, Red Dragon Inn, Can’t Stop, Guillotine, Formula De, Fishing for Terrorists, Munchkin, Bluff, etc.

Classics – Robo Rally, Merchant of Venus, Diplomacy, Wizard, Cosmic Encounter, Fight in the Skies

Card Games- Poker - maybe your Las Vegas vacations have been great training to have the ultimate hands, trading card games, multiplayer card games

Miniatures- Warhammer, Mordheim, historical, etc

Mega Chess- board will be open all week

RPGs- Deadlands, d20, etc

LARPs- theater style, boffer style

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